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On a Black Sea cruise, you’ll have the rare opportunity to visit one of Europe’s best kept secrets. An up-and-coming cruise destination, the quaint resort towns and sophisticated cities are characterized by beautiful waterfronts, impressive historical sites and a unique culture that varies from place to place. These cruises typically depart from Istanbul and visit cities all along the coast from Sinop around to Nesebur.

From a historical standpoint, tourists will find a significant number of ancient sites, museums and impressive architecture to explore. Charming and well-preserved, Nesebur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring cobblestone streets, old homes and Roman ruins. Sevastopol’s historical importance is evident in the town’s architectural monuments. Odessa is known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” boasting tree-lined avenues, Mediterranean-style architecture and an attractive city waterfront. Visit the 2nd century remains of a Roman bath in Varna.

Beautiful beaches and lively waterfront areas are also a main attraction for tourists visiting the Black Sea region. Varna and Batumi offer great beach resort areas and a wide array of water sports to enjoy. Sochi’s upscale Riviera Park is a lively entertainment venue with amusement rides, games and art galleries. Visitors to Sinop will enjoy the quaint shops and restaurants along one of the prettiest natural harbors in the region.

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